Fireproof stained-glass windows EIW 60

Fireproof stained-glass windows EIW 60

Fireproof stained-glass windows should me marked out among other transparent constructions specifically. They are extremely in-demand for modern city architecture: nowadays there isn’t any shopping or entertainment centre, industrial or public building without decorative outdoor glassing. Stained-glass windows make building’s façade beautiful, let light through, and therefore increase functionality of premises. But ordinary glass constructions are very vulnerable – in case of fire flame will spread over the façade very quickly, the glasses sweat and crack – fragments becoming another hazard. Don’t forget that a modern high-rise building tends to be overcrowded, hence must be protected from any fire risk. On the other hand, you don’t have to refuse transparent constructions.

All you need to provide safety for people and rooms is to choose fireproof stained-glass window for your façade. You can order such windows from PITERFIRE. Fireproof stained-glass windows don’t differ in appearance from ordinary ones – they are light and ergonomic too. The difference lies in production technology. Fireproof stained-glass window is a combination of a warm metal shape and a single or double-pane glass of special fireproof multilayer glass. Compartments of the shapes are filled with special heat-resistant and heat-absorbing materials. So stained-glass windows maintain necessary temperature in the rooms during a year, as well as protect from fire.

Fireproof stained-glass windows by PITERFIRE meet all the demands of fire safety: transparent constructions with the technical index EIW 60 (fire resistance index) can resist fire keeping integrity and heat-absorbing capacity during an hour. ‘PITERFIRE ” can make transparent constructions of any size and configurations. Colour layout can be various too – client chooses any tints he likes from the catalogue RAL, and stained-glass window will be covered with powder paint of high quality. The specialists emphasize that fireproof stained-glass windows don’t mar the appearance of a building, while decreasing any fire risk many fold.


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