Fireproof glass doors EIW60

Fireproof glass doors EIW60\

For a few years the company PITERFIRE has been majoring in producing fireproof glass constructions, fireproof glass doors, in particular. 

First of all, it is necessary to point out that as for their protection capacities such constructions are highly competitive with non-glass ones, and even have some essential advantages. Protecting a building from fire spreading and guaranteeing safe evacuation of people are the main functions fireproof doors perform. Besides, a glass door allows you to observe the room where a fire started, so you have an opportunity to estimate adequately the scale of fire, rate of its spreading and other hazards. This fact not only increases chances to help people out of building, but considerably makes work of firemen easier. 

Fireproof glass door production technology

The specialists of PITERFIRE always bring into focus of our clients that a “glass” door doesn’t mean “fragile”. Fireproof multilayer glass created with special technologies is used to produce them. It has all the same fireproof characteristics as the whole construction. Glass can occupy up to 25% and more than 25% of space of a metal single or double door. Door case and door frame are made by means of welding steel shaped pipe. Steel rectangular pipe screwing screwed on to the frame is used as a glass guideway. To increase protection capacities of a fireproof wall, the layer of special fireproof material – stiff glass wool – is interlaid. Fireproof glass doors by PITERFIRE are also equipped with door checks providing door shutting, and all the necessary hardware. On request we can equip our doors with the “Antipanic” system, which allows to open a door quickly without using a key, with minimal effort in case of any accident. Doors are painted with powder paints from the catalogue R A L.

Under fire safety requirements, today no production facility or office can manage without fireproof doors. Such constructions are installed on the potential way of people’s evacuation, and separate working places, where staff is spend several hours a day, from technical (ventilation, heat points, and electric control) and storage rooms. Fireproof walls are necessary even for small working spaces, if there is a lot of equipment or inflammable substances. In typical dwelling houses fireproof doors also screen off technical places from nonresidential premises. Mark you, any office, shop or institution, situated in the same building with flats, can stand for “nonresidential premises” – this is quite a common situation in big cities nowadays.

Fireproof glass doors quality

PITERFIRE fireproof glass doors have the compliance certificate and the Russian fire safety certificate; they meet all the standards Building Code (local building requirements) and All-Union State Standart. Fire resistance index of our glass doors EIW 60 means that within an hour (60 minutes) a construction can resist fire without losing its integrity (E), heat-insulating capacity (I), thermal insulating capacity against heat flow (W). In most cases this amount of time makes it possible to save people’s lives, and keep property away from fire.

The company PITERFIRE is always concerned about its clients’ safety and comfort – we do not merely produce, but also deliver and install our fireproof glass doors.

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