Fireproof hatches

Fireproof hatchesFireproof hatches by PITERFIRE are reliable fire-resistant barriers that are used for filling in embrasures in walls, floor, roofs, partitions, airshafts, cable chambers, transformer stations. In other words, a metal fireproof hatch is a necessary part of safety assurance for offices, industrial premises, hotels, warehouses, and any building with a great number of people inside or high level of fire danger.

Metal fireproof hatches are manufactured in a similar way to metal fireproof doors. This construction is a steel frame, where a fire-resistant metal leaf is fastened to. Intracavities of the leaf and the frame are filled with fire-resistant insulant that \ expands under high temperatures, provides reliable hermetic sealing (airtightness), and prevents flame penetration into the adjoining rooms. Fireproof hatches are completed with locks and door checks. Hatch size depends on the size of the opening where it will be installed. The specialists of PITERFIRE will make any construction according to your drafts, carry out measurements coming to the object.

Metal fireproof hatches have fire resistance index EI 60. It means that in case of fire a hatch won’t lose integrity of construction or heat-insulating capacity within the period stated by index.

On request hatches can be painted any colour from the catalogue RAL.


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