Fireproof doors

Fireproof doorsMetal fireproof blind doors are the most high-demand fireproof constructions today. This popularity is a result of high fireproof capacity level and widespread utilization. No building, where a lot of people live and work permanently, where there is fire-fighting production, or where highly inflammable materials and equipment are kept, can manage without fireproof doors. Speak plainly, in a multimillion city every building with no exception needs fireproof constructions. And PITERFIRE customers are aware that, in case of fire, metal doors of our production will become a safe fire obstacle.

Fireproof doors functionality and construction

Being installed on the evacuation ways, fireproof doors prevent fire and combustion products (which can be often even more dangerous than fire itself) from spreading; the doors make it possible to help a great number of people out, facilitate work of firemen, and give a chance to avoid great fire damage.

Our metal blind fireproof doors meet all the standards and requirements of fire safety. Production is also certificated, that means the fireproof constructions by PITERFIRE have been tested for their fire-resistance. The fire resistant index EI60 means that in case of direct fire impact this door doesn’t lose integrity and heat-insulating capacity within an hour, while an ordinary plastic or wooden door burns down within a few minutes. 

High fireproof is provided by a special production technology, and also by using fire-resistant materials. Metal fireproof blind door is made of two steel sheets. Plates are bent in a specific way, so we get bent frame with or without door trim (depending on the door to be installed into or on a doorway). Door leaf is filled with a stiff glass wool plate.

A fireproof tape is stuck along the inner perimeter of a door frame: under high temperature it expands and fills the space between the frame and the leaf. For colouring fireproof doors powder polymer paint is used (from the RAL catalogue).

The PITERFIRE specialists can design a door according to a customer’s draft, and it makes producing fireproof doors cross functional. 

Complete set of a fireproof door

Complete set of metal fireproof doors also consists of:

  • Door hinges on thrust-bearing
  • Stopping door latches on inactive leaves of double-leaf doors
  • Gasket
  • Lock
  • Handle
  • Striker
  • Door check

On request we can equip our doors with the “Antipanic” system, which allows to open a door quickly without using a key, with minimal effort in case of any accident.

Performing your order the specialists of PITERFIRE always visit a place to carry out all the measurements, and besides, can deliver and install final products.


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