PITERFIRE – firebreak barriers

The company PITERFIRE is a producer factory of fireproof constructions. The production is situated in St. Petersburg. 

We deliver transparent firebreak barriers such as

  • fireproof windows
  • fireproof stained-glass windows
  • fireproof glass doors (French windows)

with fire resistance index EI30, EI60, EIW60 и E60.

Moreover, we produce metal

  • fireproof doors
  • fireproof gates
  • fireproof hatches

The advantages of collaborations with the producer factory of fireproof constructions PITERFIRE include flexible pricing policy and high quality of production. Our great production expertise makes cooperation with us supremely convenient and profitable, that’s why the number of our loyal clients increases day by day.

The company PITERFIRE possesses all the required certificates and licenses for fireproof construction production.

  • Until recently, a large double door seemed a privilege only of old housing: massive canvases are as a rule custom-made, and serve faithfully for many years.
  • A really strong metal door is not just a canvas of stainless steel. Naturally, the material and manufacturing of a door frame are the most important components, but without accessories - various additional elements - metal door is not at all a door.
  • Causes of fires can be different and sometimes even a well-protected object can be barely saved from fire.
  • At the early stages of design and construction of industrial and warehouse facilities experts clarify their compliance with various rules and regulations including fire.
  • Fire Safety guarantees fire prevention, more effective response to fire, and therefore, a possibility of saving lives and property.
  • On the completion of construction any building is thoroughly tested for compliance with fire safety regulations during construction and future use.
  • A fire-box looks almost indistinguishable from a basic one, but it is a reliable barrier for the spread of fire.
  • Having installed a metal fire door at entrances and porches of apartment houses and office buildings it becomes convenient and advantageous for many reasons.
  • The popularity that metal doors have among owners of houses and apartments as well as owners of offices is well grounded.
  • In case of fire it is especially important not to turn the evacuation the door into a trap. Even in case of force majeure it should allow people to freely leave the danger area.

Fireproof glass constructions

Glass constructions look spectacular both from the housefront and indoors. Ergonomic and light, they just embody a dream of a modern designer: they separate office room, let much light in, so even small rooms visually become larger. But without any supplementary protection such a “glass” house is no stronger than a cardboard one –a building can be damaged either by a severe storm and fire, or by vandals.

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